ACTION: The largest regional expansion of cycling infrastructure is on the horizon, but we need your help

HUB Cycling's Executive Director, Laura Jane, speaks at the Access for Everyone media event.

January 5, 2024

Twenty-five percent of people in Metro Vancouver ride bikes regularly. Over 40% of people want to cycle but currently don’t, and for many of them, it’s because they are scared of unsafe route conditions.

While progress has been made in recent years, many people still live in locations that do not have equitable access to safe and convenient active transportation facilities or convenient and reliable transit. HUB Cycling’s State of Cycling research found that only 46% of the cycling network in Metro Vancouver is comfortable for most people. HUB Cycling’s 2023 Equity Report found that one-third of people in Metro Vancouver spend 70% of their income on housing and transportation. 

Cycling, when combined with reliable transit, has the potential to address these affordability challenges. Unfortunately, Metro Vancouver’s transit system can’t keep up with demand as our region grows rapidly, putting further pressure on affordability.

To align with both federal and provincial targets of significantly lowering emissions by 2030 and reducing vehicle kilometers traveled by personal vehicles, all levels of government must reform fiscal planning policies so that funding aligns with sustainable mode-share targets, prioritizing a reliable and efficient transit system that connects seamlessly with a safe, connected, active transportation network. 

HUB Cycling supports funding the Access for Everyone Plan in Metro Vancouver as the critical next step.

Within the first decade, the plan intends to increase the amount of funding TransLink directs towards investment in bikeway infrastructure by roughly five times over today’s levels to:

  • Rapidly complete bikeway networks in all designated Urban Centres.
  • Rapidly complete up to 75% (450 km) of the traffic-separated 2050 Major Bikeway Network (MBN).
  • Fully upgrade and keep in good repair the BC Parkway (that follows the Expo Line).
  • Work with Metro Vancouver to implement the Regional Greenway Network (RGN). 

When it comes to funding transit and cycling, the return on investment is significant. Numerous research studies have shown the economic benefits gained through these investments far outweigh the costs, and for cycling investments, this is an estimated 10:1 ratio. Replacing vehicle trips with transit and bicycle trips improves health outcomes, decreases air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by lessening travel in personal vehicles, reduces congestion and crashes, and yields other societal benefits.

You can help! Tell the government we need better investment in transit services and the active transportation network now by signing the petition.


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