6 commuter courtesies to try on your #Bike2Work this week

October 31, 2018

The combination of exercise and fresh air resulting from commuting by bicycle puts a spring in your step, color in your cheeks and sets you on a good course for the rest of the day. Share some of those positive vibes with other road users with a few of our tips to increase your commute karma. Don't be alarmed if you find yourself smiling on the way to work(!) after trying these commuter courtesies.   


Hello neighbour!

One of the lovely things about biking is that busier routes can be more fun. Next time you have to stop at a busy intersection, take the time to say 'hi' or 'good morning'. You never know who you might meet.


Thank you!

Simple and effective; 'Thank you!' goes a long way to making your day and someone else's. If you're given lots of space by a person in a vehicle thank them. If you are given the right of way by another person, thank them. A wave and a smile are universal and infectious.



Bells are magic weapons. A bright and short 'ding ding' cuts through the noise of the city to alert those on foot, in cars and other people on bikes that you intend to pass. Pair it with a 'thank you' for full marks.


Personal space

As you zig zag through the city, it's easy to underestimate just how speedy you are to those on foot. Be sure to leave lots of space between you and the road user in front of you and be ready to stop at busy intersections and crossings. Your consideration will be appreciated by those around you and your good manners may rub off on others too.



Signals keep you safe and tell others exactly what you plan to do next. Removing all that guesswork allows everyone to focus on enjoying their journey. If you need to brush up on your signal skills or add a few more to your repertoire, check out this handy video.



Good passing requires lots of warning and lots of room. The more the better.

Break down passing into three moves;

 1.  Shoulder checking quickly on your left to make sure there is no one in the space you wish to occupy.

 2.  Signaling and pulling out to the left to begin gathering speed to overtake. Once you're within earshot, letting the person in front know your intentions with a bright ding ding from your bell and throwing in an 'on your left!'/'a la gauche!' for good measure.

 3.  Once you feel you're a good distance ahead of the person you were passing, shoulder checking on the right before signaling and tucking into the right of the lane.


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Oct 29th-Nov 4th is Bike to Work Week - a great opportunity to meet your friendly local cycling community at one of our 40+ Celebration Stations across Metro Van, see you there!