#20ReasonsToBike: Riding a bike to work may be the secret to happiness

April 18, 2018

To most commuters, the word “congestion” carries with it negative connotations and is something to be avoided at all costs. But to those that regularly ride a bike, it doesn’t carry nearly the same weight, being perhaps the only mode of transportation where running into traffic makes it even more enjoyable.

That’s the fascinating paradox offered by Charles Montgomery, author of Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design, and founding principal of the international consultancy of the same name, who cycles daily from his East Vancouver home to his office in Gastown along the Adanac Bikeway in Strathcona.

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HUB Cycling is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018. #20ReasonsToBike is a HUB Cycling initiative sponsored by Modacity and local media partners, including the Georgia Straight. Throughout 2018, HUB Cycling will be publishing articles showcasing the many reasons why more people cycling makes happier, healthier and more connected communities.