2021 AGM Motions: Gender Inclusive Language

Shift to Gender Inclusive Language in By-Laws




Inclusion is an underpinning value of what HUB Cycling stands for, as reflected in our Core Values. HUB Cycling is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive organization and to working with people and communities to support them to thrive and prosper.  Diversity is integral to this commitment. Diversity among our members, volunteers, staff and Board of Directors allows us to better understand, connect to, and respond to the needs of HUB members and broader communities. Changing our by-laws to be more inclusive of the full gender spectrum will help us fulfill these values.

The Board unanimously passed a motion to approve the proposed amendments in principle.


MOTION 2) That HUB Cycling amend its By-Laws to replace all instances of the phrases “his or her”  with “their” and “he or she” with “they” and “him or her” to “them” and add to its By-Law Part 1 to read:


(3) In these bylaws:

a. a word defined in the plural form includes the singular and vice-versa; and

b.the gender neutral pronouns “they”, “them” and “their” are used throughout these bylaws to refer inclusively to individual persons of all genders and gender-identities.


Here is a link to the existing full set of HUB Cycling By-Laws

Here is a link to the proposed changes