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HUB Cycling’s #UnGapTheMap campaign launched a new initiative, the 20 in 20 Infrastructure Challenge. Participating municipalities had 20 days between July and September to complete up to 20 Quick Fixes.
And it worked!
From broken pavement and unnavigable pathway entrances to faded bike lanes and absent signage, over 100 quick fixes were completed20-in-20 succeeded thanks to your suggestions, along with HUB Cycling’s local committees and the work of local municipalities. You can help by donating to HUB Cycling’s advocacy work.
Please help us meet our goal of five new monthly donations by November 9th so that we can continue to help fix these gaps throughout the year.
  • $50/mo helps host a HUB Cycling Action-Planning Workshop
  • $25/mo equips a volunteer to collect 500 signatures for safer cycling infrastructure
  • $10/mo pays for promotional material for an upcoming campaign. 



YES! I want to Give Monthly Today to help fix cycling gaps in your community in 2019