BC Election Party Platforms on Cycling

The BC provincial election is coming up on May 9th. What do each of the major parties have in their plans for cycling? Find out what they've each said in their platforms (listed in order of release and using largely their own words). Follow each party's link to read their full platform.

The BC Green Party will:

  • Act to facilitate modal switching.

Knowledge and awareness are critical to behaviour change. However, social and cultural factors also play a key role. 
Examples of initiatives include:

  • Increasing investment in walking and biking infrastructure;
  • Ensuring there are charging and safe storage facilities for electric bicycles;
  • Ensuring road configurations and commuter routes are friendly for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists
  • Promoting efficient community design by enhancing requirements for integrated regional planning, and the consideration of the cumulative impacts on GHG emissions of regional and local government plans.

Linked initiatives that support efficient community design:

  • A new 10-year transportation plan focused on affordable, clean transportation for British Columbians.
  • Support local governments’ greenhouse gas emission reduction and adaptation initiatives by investing $80 million over four years in green transportation infrastructure, building efficiency initiatives, and other qualifying initiatives.


The BC Liberals will: 

  • Invest in pedestrian and cycling infrastructure upgrades.
  • Match the federal government’s $2.2 billion investment in Metro Vancouver transit.
  • Continue to work constructively with the Mayor’s Council to move forward on their 10-year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transportation.
  • Invest in smart transit expansion


The BC NDP will:

  • Partner with communities to make travelling safer for people walking, using mobility aid devices, riding bicycles and using other forms of active transportation.
  • Work with mayors to develop lasting, effective and fair solutions to Metro Vancouver’s transportation needs that increase the use of public transit, and reduce vehicle trips overall.
  • Support the Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transportation. They have committed to funding 40 per cent of the capital costs of every phase of the plan
  • Work with Metro municipalities to develop a new Translink governance model that provides the structure, the funding model and the certainty to make good transportation decisions to manage the system well, and most importantly, to get you to and from work and school faster. This includes getting rid of the referendum requirement that has delayed progress on fixing lower mainland traffic.


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