Private Lessons

*Registration for our Private Lesson program is currently on hold as we transition to a new format for beginner rider lessons. Stay tuned for the unveiling by signing up for our monthly Bike Bulletin!


New to cycling or looking to improve your skills? 

These one-on-one lessons will help you start riding with confidence. Our highly trained and experienced instructors include a mix of women and men of all backgrounds, who bring a healthy dose of patience, creativity and humour to your learning experience! From balancing and pedalling, to steering and hand signals, they will help you work towards the goal of riding comfortably on your own. Meet our instructor team.

Lesson Details

  • Duration: 3 hours (2 x 1.5 hour lessons)
  • You’ll need: a road-safe bike and helmet
  • Cost: $175 HUB Members / $195 Non-HUB-Members / +$50 per additional person (+GST)

If you're not a HUB Member join HUB today! Not sure if you are a member of if your membership is still valid? contact our membership team. If cost is a barrier to you, please get in touch with us. We have subsidies available for participants with financial barriers.

Read our COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Programs to learn what HUB Cycling is doing, and what you can do, to stay safe while learning to ride.



Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • When do the lessons take place?

Private lessons can be booked based on your schedule and subject to instructor availability. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete additional questions that help us match you with a HUB Cycling instructor. Your instructor will then be in touch to coordinate your first lesson. Please allow up to two weeks for us to match you with an instructor. Lessons must be completed during the calendar year in which they were purchased. 

  • Where are lessons held? 

The lessons can take place anywhere suitable (a smooth, paved surface, no traffic) which is mutually convenient for you and the instructor. We have a list of suggested locations within the city of Vancouver that work best for lessons which will be shared with you. An extra charge will apply for travel outside the city of Vancouver.

  • Do I need a bike and helmet?

Yes, you need your own access to a bike and helmet for these lessons and to practice in between sessions. If you don't own a bike, we recommend that you rent or borrow a bike that you feel comfortable using. If your bike doesn’t fit you properly, we can refer you to resources on how to find a bicycle for your needs, and we may recommend you be professionally fitted. As part of our ongoing partnership with Mobi by Shaw Go we are happy to be able to offer the use of a Mobi bike during lessons at no extra charge (only possible if lesson taking place in Mobi area and if participant is 5'6" (170cm) or taller). 

  • How can I get the bike to the lesson spot?

You can bring the bike inside a personal vehicle, on a vehicle's bike rack, or on a bus bike rack. If it's your first time using a bus bike rack, don't stress - check out TransLink's helpful tips. All Metro Vancouver buses are able to take bikes on their front racks.

  • How long will it take me to learn to ride?

We spread our private lessons over two 1.5 hour sessions, usually scheduled a week or so apart. We find that this is enough time for most people to learn the biking basics they need, but practice between lessons is key to success!

  • When can I expect my first lesson to take place? 

Please allow two weeks after answering registration questions to be matched with a suitable instructor. You can expect that your first session will occur within 1 month of the registration date. 

  • Do you offer private lessons for more advanced skills?

We can adapt our private classes to accommodate any level. So if you already know the basics and you are interested in increasing other biking skills, get in touch.


 *Please note registration is not active at this time. 

If you have any more questions, please contact