“It’s opened new opportunities to stay fit, access my city and enjoy active vacations” - Karole’s Streetwise story

Many people assume that our bike education courses are just for kids but we have classes for people of all ages and abilities because you’re never too old to discover the joy of cycling.

Karole recently took one of our Ride the Road courses and it’s opened a world of new opportunities for her.

“I heard about the education course Ride the Road through Price Tags, a blog that frequently highlights bicycling issues. Living in downtown Vancouver, I wanted to cycle more but as a woman in her mid 60s who hadn’t ridden a bike much I had doubts about my cycling skills. I wanted to feel comfortable cycling in traffic but at that point I rode only on designated, protected cycling paths like the Seawall or Point Grey Road. The other motivator was an upcoming cycling trip in France and while the trip organizers promised quiet country roads I wanted to make sure I was confident in traffic just in case.

The course was a perfect blend of didactic, classroom-style information combined with lots of cycling under the watchful eye of an instructor. The classroom portion led us through multiple traffic scenarios and helped me understand bike boxes, elephant feet and how to make a left turn in traffic, all of which we practiced in small groups in the Commercial Drive area. We even learned how to put our bikes on and off a bus – previously a mystery to me. The part that astonished me was how quickly I became confident riding in traffic and making left-hand turns at busy intersections which was something I would never have even contemplated before the course.

Since the course, I ride as frequently as possible with a goal of cycling at least 80 km a week. We recently did a bike tour in Napa/Sonoma where part of the ride was along the Pacific Coast Highway – in the rain and dense fog! We never did see the Pacific Ocean despite riding right alongside it and hearing the crashing surf. Despite the bad weather, I was completely confident even as large trucks went by me at highway speed. I kept remembering my HUB Cycling instructor telling me to ‘own my space’ and ‘ride with confidence’.

Words don’t adequately describe how grateful I am to HUB Cycling for turning me into a confident, safe and well-informed cyclist. It’s opened new opportunities to stay fit, access my city and enjoy active vacations.

I have recommended the course to countless people promising to pay the fee if it isn’t as good as I said it was and so far, no one has asked for their money back!”