Beginner bike maintenance workshops for students, faculty & parents

A beginner course for grades 3 and up

HUB Demystify Your Bike helps transform a bike from a mechanical mystery to…your friend!

Removing intimidation and providing information is what this course is all about. Many kids and parents tend to avoid ‘dealing with’ bikes when they’ve sat in a garage for too long, unsure as to how to get bicycles into good working order.

Even if you ride often, you may not know how to maintain a bike to it operates safely and efficiently in all kinds of weather and traffic.

That’s what Demystify Your Bike is all about – helping you understand how easy it can be to keep your bike running smoothly, and knowing when to take it in for professional servicing.

Depending on the duration of the session, we'll show you how to:

  • Do a basic inspection to identify trouble spots, and gauge wear-and-tear
  • Clean and oil your chain
  • Check your brakes and gears
  • Fix a flat tire
  • Choose the right equipment, accessories and clothing
  • Make that conversation with your local bike mechanic less intimidating

Plus some tips and tricks to make your riding more enjoyable. You don’t have to cycle every day to be confident with your bike!