Bikeability Assessment

Want to make your business more bike friendly, but don't know where to start?  

As part of the HUB Bike Friendly Business Program, our consultants can work with you to assess the bikeability of your office building or workplace and provide customized recommendations on how to make your business more accessible to employees and customers. We provide a comprehensive report with concrete recommendations and resources on how to make your business more bike friendly through cost-effective facility upgrades, employee incentives and marketing techniques. 

We offer three types of assessments:

  • Workplace Assessment

Addresses bikeability of workplaces, including employee incentives, cycling programs to implement and systematic support for staff.Cost: $350+GST

  • Building Assessment

Addresses bikeability of physical buildings, including bike parking and storage, end of trip facilities, respair space and other amenities. Cost: $550+GST

  • Overall Business Operations Assessment

Addresses bikeability of workplace and physical building. Cost: $800+GST

In addition, any assessed business with a bike rack is automatically entered in the HUB Bike Friendly Business Awards competition, designed to recognize forward-thinking and bike friendly businesses in the region. Take a look at the recipients of the:

HUB 2012 Bike Friendly Business Awards
HUB 2013 Bike Friendly Business Awards 

This Frequently Asked Questions page provides answers to questions we get asked most often. For more information or to book an assessment, contact us:

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