Translink wants to hear your views on their 10-year vision

October 19, 2016

Translink and the Mayor’s Council are seeking public input on Phase 1 (the first three years) of the 10-year plan for transit and transportation, including cycling, across Metro Vancouver. TransLink is an important contributor to cycling conditions in the region, so it is vital that they hear support to connect the cycling network and provide education and promotion allow more people to cycle more often.

The $2 billion plan includes a proposed $41.3 million investment in safer cycling between 2017-2019. The current plan suggests that $29.8m of this funding would be used to partner in a cost-sharing bike lane development program with municipalities in which Translink would cover 50-75% of the cost. The other $11.5m is intended for a three-year investment program into regional routes such as BC Parkway and the development of cycling facilities at transit stations and exchanges.

While HUB welcomes this investment, we believe that greater investment is needed over a longer term to ensure we can UnGapTheMap and safe cycling is an option for people of all ages and abilities. Translink’s own Regional Cycling Strategy Implementation Plan, which they published in 2013, stated that they would need to invest at least $18 million per year into cycling in order to achieve regional mode share targets by 2040. Each year that funding falls short of this target represents a missed opportunity to get more people on bikes more often.

Alongside the proposed investment into infrastructure and facilities, HUB would like to see continued funding of education programs in schools and communities as a small investment in these can lead to significantly increased ridership. Currently the TransLink plan makes no mention of promotion or education for cycling.

If you would like to see increased funding for cycling in Metro Vancouver, we urge you to take part in the public consultation. You can complete a questionnaire online or attend a public open house session. HUB recommends cycling infrastructure investment of $18 million per year and $500,000 per year for education, encouragement and enforcement.

For further information on the proposed plans, read the Discussion Guide.