Thousands support local businesses during Bike to Shop!

September 22, 2021

2021 was the biggest year yet for Bike to Shop! In 20 neighbourhoods, we had 119 businesses offer great promotions and deals for people that simply registered and biked by!

It was a two week event, where half the neighborhoods took part from August 7 - 13 and the second half from August 14 - 20. HUB Cycling also had 11 COVID-19 compliant Knowledge HUBs: in-person pop-up stations to celebrate shoppers who cycle. These Knowledge HUBs offered free snacks, information about local businesses, cycling information, bike tune-ups, and opportunities to win prizes. 



  • 119 businesses offering promotions and great deals
  • 20 neighbourhoods in 10 municipalities
  • 2,245 people registered
  • 11 Knowledge HUBs with 685 people stopping by and 2,150 biking past
  • 2 weeks to explore local businesses


Participating Businesses

119 businesses in 20 neighbourhoods offered promotions and great deals during Bike to Shop.The event showcased a broad spectrum of businesses and offerings, representing the diversity of the different neighbourhoods. Promotions included:

  • Free ice cream in Granville Island 
  • Free coffee and 50% off baked good in Vancouver
  • Free sunglasses in Coquitlam
  • Free trigger balls in Wesbrook Village at UBC
  • Free vegetables at the Vancouver Farmers Market
  • Free buttons from an organization supporting women in the Downtown East Side, Vancouver
  • Free walnut brownie or chocolate chip cookie in Austin Heights, Coquitlam
  • Free crystal in Langley City
  • Granola bar and fitness classes in Sunset on Fraser, Vancouver
  • Free pistachio baklava at The Shipyards District
  • And so much more!


Participant testimonials

"I loved how friendly and supportive HUB Cycling was and I enjoyed getting to know other communities through cycling. Thank you Bike to Shop, for supporting local businesses through hard times. <3<3<3"

"I really enjoyed the diversity in businesses that participated and the accessible nature of the event (free to register)."

"I enjoyed the free services because they encouraged me to go out to other communities."

"Great idea to get people more invested in the local economy. While showing the drivers of that economy what value accommodating a bike-friendly business/neighbourhood has." 

"I really enjoyed exploring. I broke my back a few years back, and I am happy to say I am back on my bike. I enjoyed this."


Business testimonials

"We liked participating this year because the event recognizes cyclists as important participants in our economy. Burnaby Heights is a cycle-friendly neighbourhood with lots of bike lock-ups and is close to major east/west and north/south bike routes. We’re located at the top of some pretty big hills but we think the treats are worth the ride!"

"Thanks for organizing this great community event! We were pleased to be a part of it!" 

"Businesses that support cycling attract a client base that extends well beyond their surrounding neighbourhood. With the increase in cyclists during COVID-19, businesses can benefit knowing they are helping customers stay active and helping preserve the environment."

"Thank you for supporting small businesses." 

"Thanks for all that you do for the cycling community and local businesses." 

"Thanks again for working with us on Bike to Shop. I thought the pop-up in Coquitlam this weekend was fantastic. We look forward to working with you on future promotions to get more people exploring by bike."


Thank you

Bike to Shop operated on the traditional unceded territories of many First Nations in British Columbia. We are honoured to be able to work, play, and host community events on this land.

This event would not have been possible without the commitment and support of all of our sponsors and supporters. Thank you so much for helping us get more people on bikes and we look forward to partnering with you again for Bike to Shop 2022!