Major Successes in our Municipal Elections Campaign

November 15, 2022

Large Number of HUB Cycling Platform Endorsers Elected Across the Region

Leading up to the 2022 Municipal Elections, HUB Cycling invited candidates for mayor, city councils, school boards, and park boards across Metro Vancouver to endorse HUB’s Cycling Platform137 candidates from 17 municipalities across Metro Vancouver, endorsed the platform, indicating that concern about cycling and active transportation continues to grow as a priority.

Among the 137 candidates who endorsed the Cycling Platform, 60 endorsers were elected to councils, school boards, park boards, and mayoral positions. In Delta, 100% of the mayor and council endorsed our platform, while in Burnaby 78% of the mayor and council and 100% of the school board endorsed our platform.

Endorsers of our Cycling Platform made up the majority of elected mayors and councillors in these six municipalities.

  • Delta - 100%
  • Burnaby - 78%
  • Maple Ridge - 71%
  • New Westminster - 71%
  • Coquitlam - 67%
  • North Vancouver City - 57%

Strong supporters of cycling who have been elected across the region include:

  • Tony Valente, re-elected for a second council term in the City of North Vancouver. Former chair of HUB Cycling’s North Shore Local Committee
  • Jenny Tan, councillor-elect in Maple Ridge. Director of Partnership and Events at HUB Cycling
  • Nathan Pachal, mayor-elect in the City of Langley. Former chair of the Great Langley Cycling Coalition (precursor to HUB’s Langley Local Committee)
  • Richard Stewart, re-elected as mayor of Coquitlam. Member and supporter of HUB Cycling
  • Alison Gu, re-elected to Burnaby Council with the highest number of votes
  • Ahmed Yousef, re-elected to Maple Ridge Council with the highest number of votes. Member and supporter of HUB Cycling.


Large increase in candidate response rate across the region

As in previous municipal elections, we put together surveys with multiple choice and long answer questions to gather candidates’ positions on active transportation and cycling. Across the region, more candidates responded to our survey than in 2018. Some of the biggest increases in participation were:

  • Burnaby - 22% to 63%
  • Vancouver Park Board - 24% to 66%
  • District of North Vancouver - 48% to 87%
  • Delta - 27% to 65%

Overall, the average participation rate across cities increased from 31% to 53%. This shows that cycling and active transportation is a topic that candidates and community members care about.


Help make cycling better!

HUB Cycling, a charitable non-profit that has spent over two decades removing barriers to cycling in Metro Vancouver, shared all these details with local media outlets and our more than 65,000 contacts to help people make an informed voting decision.

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